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We are a well-established communication technology retailer and services provider. We specialized in the provision of telephones and PBX / PABX Telephone System for businesses of all sizes.  We pride ourselves for providing our clients with leading edge technology. We do this to assure you get a hefty return in your telephony investment. Also to providing you with the best, we provide support for all your technical queries

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Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority. Yes, we are eager to answer all queries related to the communication needs of your business. Feel free to drop a message or browse through our website a bit more.

Our Solutions are based on Avaya, Panasonic, Asterisk, Grandstream, Dlink, Yeastar, Nec & Dlink Telephone Systems
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What we do?

Our client base consists of the business expanding on all sizes, from mere startups to large corporations, educational institutes, and government sectors. We are the Professional Source for daily communication.

Satisfy Our Customers

Quick Turnaround Time

When you deal with us, you can expect your orders to be processed even within 24-48. We make sure all of our orders are processed as quickly as possible while following you requirements precisely. We do all this while keeping an eye out for even the most minor details.

Voice over IP Telephone Solution

Today, businesses are now opting for Voice over IP. This is the new system that transmits phone calls over data networks, data networks used to access the internet. This provides you with a broadband connection so you can enjoy on net calls for free. Adding up to the delight, the benefits don’t just end here.  But before we get started, do you get to enjoy the following:

  • Reduce the overall costs of all
  • Alternative and easy options as compared to changing your entire communication system
  • The ability to network your employees and offices without breaking your bank
  • The ability to centralize cost control along with management


Why Choose PBX DUBAI ?

As a number  #1 PBX Telephone system provider in Dubai, We can very well understand your needs and provide you the best solution for your business.We are a telecom Distributor and Integrator company provides business with IP Phone, IP Phone Systems, VoIP solutions and much more.

Moreover, we offer comprehensive packages on PBX Dubai systems to fit your budget as we realize the importance of crystal clear communication for survival today. We help you to connect better with your counterparties and associates by implement cutting-edge telephonic technology in your communications infrastructure.  We don’t care about the price. Instead, we pride ourselves on the services we provide. Yes, we see to our utmost efforts to keep our customers happy by keeping their business on the go.

Our Business Internet, Phone, and Telecom

  • We Offer quickest turnaround time for your services possible
  • Our VoIP solutions are over high-speed internet, yes they have the quality of traditional phone systems as we prioritize voice over data
  • We work towards reducing your bills by providing you with the best technology available
  • We optimize solutions according to your special needs, we support the community of people who truly care about their business.
  • With no phone tree and call hold, we provide you with the best customer care service

Feel free to drop a message or call us related to any business communication query.

IP Telephone Systems

We provide you with innovative technology with a broad range of telephonic systems selected from all the major brands. Yes, our range of telephone is selected from the world renowned telephony providers along with our customized services.

We are accredited of telephonic systems from numerous brands. Furthermore, we deliver a complete communication system to the every corner of your needs. It doesn’t matter how may extension you have or planning to have in future. We help you with it despite you need it for your office, home or even on the move.

Our integrated yet scalable tech allows you to communicate without a hitch anywhere anytime you want. Not to mention, we also help you selecting the best system according to your business and its need. Apart from selecting, we also serve you for configuring and implementing these changes in your business infrastructure. How we do this, let the following points make it clear for you!

  • Telecom

The rich experience in modern telecommunication that we provide you will offer nothing but optimal solutions.

  • Distribution

Our company distribute products from top brands to end customers who are looking for the best performances at affordable price.

  • Intelligent Solution

We not only provide but we also customize intuitive systems that prove to be simple to use while they make your every work easier than ever.

Preparing you for the future

We believe in pure and clear communication therefore we help you with it by implementing on the finest technological pieces available in the market. We make you perfectly equipped for the future possibilities. Yes. We take care of everything from the outset as we opt for future standard IP technology. With our years of experience in telephony, we provide you the cutting edge solutions for unified communication.

We have customized our services to provide you an easy migration from traditional phone lines to VoIP telephone systems. Yes, we help you to change for a better tomorrow. Our product theory makes the transition from old to new technology easy as possible. Moreover, this is your gradual entry in the digital telephonic world.

The first step is looking through the VoIP gateway between PBX and old ISDN lines. This is the advantage that doesn’t intervene in existing telephone connections. The analogue devices here are used as gateway as they connect with IP world using an analog adaptation. This easy change helps you hold communication infrastructure to be replaced by a new one without making you break your bank.

The already existing VoIP is turned in the IP PBX which keeps you up with the world. The UC functionalities here are optionally available you have the freedom to choose them individually. We help you to move on to something better with the following points:

  • Move and Expand

Now you can adjust the changing needs of your business and your employees by integrated the latest telephony world has to offer. While doing this, you can add more offices or remove them, consider your system scalability and even remove mobile work.

  • Update and Modernize

Are you sure you are equipped with the right system? It sure works fine at the moment but what about the long run? Are you sure it will help your business to maintain its commitment when it grows? If not then it’s time for system replacement for continuity of your communication commitment. Don’t worry, we help you with this transition while cutting the overall costs.

  • Strategic Integration

Apart from the above mentioned, you can also integrate a phone system with important business phone applications you need for your business’s needs.  Now you don’t have to cope with a slick design and expand as your business grows.

Unified Communication PBX

If you need an end to end Unified communication solution, then leave it to us! Why? It’s because we offer you the enterprise-class features that you can afford easily. We have the best value for your business phone infrastructure with the versatility and power you need for an IP PBX. The main goal of every business is to grow and prosper. This includes everything from increasing its overall revenue to set its margin a bit higher in order to expand its workforce as well as a physical location. The challenge here is precise planning and management of technological infrastructure that is needed for the constant growth.

In here, the business phone becomes an important element of this infrastructure with its affordability and the element of smart growth.

Changing the trend

Fortunately, Small businesses realize the benefit of Unified communication, but they are still trying to settle with that clutter. Well, this is where we come in. We are your VoIP adviser who apart from understanding all details of Unified Communication also cares to learn about your business. With this, we help you to be better organized, competent and even efficient.

Providing you with the Best

 We help you to prepare your business to change and better serve its prospects. Yes, we offer you the ultimate efficiency, flexibility, speed and productivity which you unlikely experience with someone else. Whatever you need, from the top of the range Phone systems to VoIP solutions, we have you covered for all of these.

To serve you with the best, we carefully listen to each detail and make sure we understand your needs before we start working on them. While we work towards your success, we suggest top notch solutions, implement the far most advanced technology and provide you exclusive services as we have set high standards for our services.


  • Dlink
  • Yeastar
  • Avaya
  • Panasonic
  • Asterisk
  • Switchvox
  • NEC
  • Digium
  • Cisco
  • Yealink
  • Grandstream
  • And many others

Improving your Relationship with your Clients

Our goal not only consist of providing you with the best telecom system, instead it’s far more consistent than that. We work towards improving your working relation with your clients. Yes, therefore we provide you with the leading edge communication technology. You can expect to find everything related to communication including IP Phones, IP Telephone System, and even support for these systems.

Cutting Edge Functionality right out of box

Apart from the above, we also bring together the improving communication with better collaboration tools. Our solutions not only help you with the just basic call, voice mail, and text. Instead they are also optimized for Fax, email, conferencing and even instant messaging. This makes it easier for you to manage your working employees. Well, thanks to its great features such as taking your extension on the go, these solutions also work with Windows, Android, and even iOS devices.  Moreover, you access such functionalities from the comfort of your laptop.